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Thinking Red Thoughts
Pensando Pensamientos Rojos
SonRise 2009 
18th-Apr-2009 12:36 am

Tiny donkey!

or Tiny goat!

My booth

The "competition"


I know, my head scarf is falling off.

Being part of the marketplace was a blast. I loved the atmosphere we created this year.

Group 1 had about 250-500 people in it (I'm bad at estimates) and I know they counted 1800 in the last group. SO hoarse after wards. And sore.

My booth was awesome sauce. I brought some files, and my tiny hammer*, and every time I started banging on something, the entire crowd would stop to stare at me, and at least 5 people would take pictures.

I have new respect for goldfish.

I could have give away 250 business cards, easily. Too bad I don't even have any designed, yet! *sigh*. Cobbler's kids never have shoes, and graphic designer's wives' never have marketing materials.

If I had been willing to sell, I could have sold everything I brought with me, and left with orders to fill.

I had people come back to my "shop" after they finished the pageant and ask me 2 and 3 times if they could buy something.

Oh well, I'll know better next year.

Check out Collegedale Church's website for more pictures, and if anyone finds more pictures of me, let me know.

*Everything tiny is more awesome.
Red parasol
23rd-Apr-2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
You are the funny whishkit!
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