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Thinking Red Thoughts
Pensando Pensamientos Rojos
June 27th, 2010 
03:17 pm - Cufflinks
I am really proud of these, so I am cross-posting them everywhere.

Sterling silver and fine silver.

I made every bit of these by hand. I:

-cut the circles
-textured the circles
-made the rings
-soldered the rings in to itty bitty chains
-cut the bars
-soldered the bars to the chain, and chain to the circles
-polished everything all shiny.

Yeah, I'm proud.

Caleb said he's wearing them to work tomorrow.

I may post them on Etsy at some point, but I'm not sure what I would charge... it's too soon, I'm too into them at the moment.

Do you other artists get too into your art sometimes? Curious...
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